Resurrected:Full Moon Fever Halloween Party
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活動名稱Resurrected:Full Moon Fever Halloween Party的活動起始日期是2020/10/31, 活動結束日期是2020/10/31.






Resurrected:Full Moon Fever Halloween Party





單場次演出時間 : 2020/10/31 21:00:00
地址 : 台北市信義區福德街221巷186-1號
場地名稱 : Tiger Mountain 微遠虎山
是否售票 : Y
價格 : 699、799、899、700
緯度 : (空)
經度 : (空)
結束時間 : (空)






Resurrected: Full Moon Fever Taiwan’s BIGGEST Outdoor Halloween Music Festival 💀節目資訊 | Event Info 時間 | Time: 10/31 (Sat / 六) 9pm 地點 | Place: Tiger Mountain 微遠虎山 地址 | Address: 台北市信義區福德街221巷186-1號 票價 | Tickets: NT$699早鳥!Early Bird        NT$799 超值預售 Early Adv        NT$899 預售 Adv        NT$2,800 (NT$700/人) 四人團票 4-PACK        NT$1,100 現場 Door (僅現場販售) 售票時間 | Ticket sales begin: 9/30 (Wed / 三) 中午 12pm 售票單位: KKTIX及全台全家便利商店 WHERE TO BUY: KKTIX, Family Mart 🔺請攜帶附照片之有效身份證件正本,外籍人士請攜帶有效護照正本。(未滿18歲、未帶證件者、違反下方禁止事項者謝絕入場)🔺 💀活動介紹 | What's On! ⚰ Taiwan’s craziest Halloween party! 台灣史上最瘋狂之萬聖派對! 💰 $20,000 cash prizes for THREE costume contests! 三場變裝大賽!20,000元獎金等著你來拿! 🧟 3 Stages! Drag Queens! Temple! Techno! ➤ TAIPEI IS BURNING: Drag Ball Stage hosted by Bouncy Babs and Amily Givenchy ➤ Temple DJ Stage ➤ Jungle Techno Stage ➤ Food Vendors 美食攤位 👹 The peoplearethe party! 派對人來瘋!喜愛狂歡趴體的你還不趕快預備搶票 💀裝扮比賽兩萬獎金 | Costume Contests! Starting at midnight | 晚上12點開始! BEST GROUP COSTUME: $10,000 cash prize The best way to go to a party is with a huge group and all dress like maniacs, right? It’s even better when you get on stage and WIN 10K for it. WARNING: This is a highly competitive contest, so bring your A-Game. Former standouts include 15 Cards Against Humanity, the Ramen Noodle guys, and Voltron forming a triangle and blowing up. SEXIEST COSTUME: $2,500 cash prize Are you sexy and you know it? Show us what you got and WIN 2.5K BEST INDIVIDUAL COSTUME: $2,500 cash prize Got a great idea but don’t want to get others involved? Amaze us with your creativity and WIN 2.5k ➤ We will be havingTWO RUNWAY COSTUME COMPETITIONS SEX SIREN: $2,500 cash prize Work it, gurrrrl! Strut your stuff in the sexiest way possible and WIN some $$! BIZARRE: $2,500 cash prize Do you like to get freaky? Have a fetish you want everyone to know about? Get as crazy as you can and win that $$$! 💀活動介紹 | Event intro! 萬聖節即將到來,各個幽靈鬼魂們即將於萬聖前夕出來搞怪囉! 時光匆匆,台灣最盛大最悠久的萬聖派對已來到了第20個年頭,10月31號這個夜晚的月光即將閃耀群眾整晚,我們與您一起歡度這場台灣最棒的萬聖盛宴-滿月復活之夜。 The spirits come out and play under the moonlight on All Hallows’ Eve. For the first time in nearly 20 years, this October 31st, a full blue moon will be shining all night long. This makes it a perfect evening to frolic outdoors at Taiwan’s biggest Halloween music festival, Resurrected: Full Moon Fever. This year, Resurrected: Full Moon Fever is bigger and better than ever! There are THREE COSTUME CONTESTS and TWO RUNWAY COMPETITIONS with 20,000nt in cash prizes waiting to be won. In total, THREE stages will fulfill all your musical desires! We also have a brand new addition, the TAIPEI IS BURNING - DRAG BALL stage, hosted by Bouncy Babs and Amily Givenchy, with amazing drag and runway competitions. Hip-hop and dance music live in THE HAUNTED TEMPLE, and the JUNGLE BEATS stage will have afrobeats and live drummers early as well as house and techno until the sun comes up. TAIPEI IS BURNING: DRAG BALL |燃燒台北: 變裝Ball Pride is always such a busy day, so after Pride take a rest for a bit and then get your crazy ass up to Tiger Mountain for a PARTY WITHIN A PARTY! Starting at 1am, Taipei is Burning will be having a DRAG BALL with BOUNCY BABS and AMILY GIVENCHY as hosts, so you know it’s going to be WILD. Taipei is Burning wants to grow and strengthen our beautiful and creative queer community, and allow EVERYONE to EXPRESS themselves! Our Drag Ball will provide a place for YOU to bring your gorgeous energy and show it off to the world! 💀活動介紹 | Party Tables! Want to ball out? Want to skip the lines at the bar and have your OWN party at your OWN table? Get yourself a party table this Halloween 10 TABLES AVAILABLE |派對包廂(僅只10個,快來預定!) ➤ $10,000 ➤ 8 entrance tickets | 包含8張復活萬聖派對入場券 ➤ 2 bottles and mixers (or 20 beers) | 2支基酒+飲料果汁或20瓶啤酒二選一 ➤ extra bottles + mixer 2000nt With an amazing DJ lineup of Uppity [fresh house music] + Cross Cutz [Costume contest beats] + Ken [King of the DRAG BALL] + Sona [undeniable funky house sounds] to keep you dancing till the sun comes up DJs Resurrected: Full Moon Fever absolutely has the best lineup in Taiwan from top to bottom for a Halloween treat. We’ve got house music on the front stage, hip-hop and dance in the temple and afrobeats with live drumming and techno in the jungle. Whatever you are into, we’ve got it blasting out of speakers till the early morning. 💀DJs! & lineup THE HAUNTED TEMPLE This abandoned temple has spirits that cause euphoria! Get inside the temple and get ready to groove all night long! DJ MARCUS AURELIUS [CAAAAAAAAaaaptain CAAAAaaaveman] Whether it’s funk or soul or high energy hip-hop, you know you will always have a great time with YooooooooRelius on the decks NeKBRACE [BodySlam Champion] Have you ever woken up with a sore neck after a night on the town and didn’t know what the F&$k happened? You were listening to NeKBRACE DJ JOVA [Queen of Darkness] After making the finals of the Red Bull 3style, Jova has been making heads bob to her sweet grooves every single weekend DJ MISH [Twitch SuperHero] From TPE to LA and back to TPE, Mish is ready to put her spooky spell on the dance floor in the temple FAMOUS [The Party Kang] Straight out of your deepest, darkest fantasies, Famous will rock a party on the mic or behind the decks so hard that you might have to roll down the mountain home DJ CROSS CUTZ [Turntable Grim Reaper] Cross Cutz’s scratching is so precise, each time he touches a turntable, six goblins pass out JUNGLE BEATS Last year, the jungle stage was such a hit and NO ONE wanted to go home even at 7am! We’ve decided to roll it out again for a night of total mayhem. TRIBEZ [Riddim and Light] When Kuumoja and Paige get together, you know that the beats are going to be excellent. When you add two drummers to the mix, it’s going to be a ghoulishly good time in the jungle DJ H.E.R [Hair-Raising House and Techno Music] It doesn’t matter if DJ H.E.R gives you tricks or treats because you are going to love it DZRT FRST [Spine-Tingling Party Tunes] Straight outta England, DZRT FRST is making tunes and screaming all night at moons FRATZUKI [The Return of the Phantom] Fratzuki is here. Fratzuki is there. Fratzuki is everywhere. On Halloween night, he’ll be back for a night of spectacular tunes SAM RITTER [Techno Beast] A wizard by day and werewolf by night, Sam Ritter is going to use his witchcraft to rip the roof off the jungle stage YELLOW SNAP [Sunrise Magic] They say that only zombies are left for the sunrise. We proved them wrong last year, and will do the same again with Yellow Snap dropping sunrise magic on us all 💀購票方式說明|How to buy tickets 【會員相關權益公告】 您的KKTIX會員需完成"電子郵件地址驗證"才能進行購票流程,請至確認是否您的電子郵件已經認證完畢。提醒您請勿使用Yahoo、Hotmail信箱註冊及驗證,以避免驗證信未能寄達。For English, please see instructions forbuying at Family Martorbuying online at本節目網站購票僅接受會員購買,購票前請先"加入會員"並需完成"電子郵件地址"驗證,以便進行購票流程,建議可於會員"設定"中的"報名預填資料"先行存檔「姓名」和「手機」,可減少購票時間快速進行下一步。為了確保您的權益,強烈建議您,在註冊會員或是結帳時填寫的聯絡人電子郵件,盡量不要使用Yahoo或Hotmail郵件信箱,以免因為擋信、漏信,甚至被視為垃圾郵件而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』。訂單成立通知信可能因其他因素未能寄達,僅提供交易通知之用,未收到訂單成立通知信不代表交易沒有成功,又或是刷卡付款失敗,請於付款期限之內再次嘗試刷卡(即便收到銀行的授權成功的簡訊或電子郵件),若訂單逾期取消,則表示訂單真的沒有成立,請再重新訂購。一旦無法確認於網站上的訂單是否交易成功,請至會員帳戶的"訂單"查詢您的消費資料,只要是成功的訂單,皆會顯示您所消費的票券明細,若查不到您所訂購的票券,表示交易並未成功,請重新訂票。KKTIX系統沒有固定的清票時間,只要消費者沒有於期限內完成付款,未付款的席次就會陸陸續續釋放出來,消費者可隨時留意網頁或是機台是否有釋出可售票券張數。於KKTIX網站或全家便利商店購買四人團票 4-PACK,張數請務必選擇4的倍數,以便訂單成立(請留意,全家便利商店購票或取票每筆訂單4張為限)。KKTIX網站購票:需加入會員,每筆訂單限購12張付款方式:信用卡(VISA/MASTER/JCB)、ATM虛擬帳號為強化信用卡網路付款安全,KKTIX售票系統網站導入了更安全的信用卡 3D 驗證服務,會員購票時,將取得簡訊驗證碼,確保卡號確實為持卡人所有,以提供持卡人更安全的網路交易環境。信用卡3D驗證流程為何?ATM虛擬帳號付款注意事項:僅限於台灣金融機構開戶所核發之提款卡並已開通「非約定帳戶轉帳」之功能,請務必於期限內付款,逾期未付款訂單將會自動取消取票方式:郵寄(僅接受郵寄至台灣地址、手續費每筆$80)、全家取票(手續費每筆$30/4張為限,請於全家便利商店繳納給櫃臺)、電子票券(無須酌收手續費)KKTIX購票流程圖示說明請點我全家便利商店FamiPort取票說明請點我電子票券 QRCode 在哪裡?該如何使用?詳情請點選此處全家便利商店FamiPort購票:無需加入會員,每筆訂單限購4張付款方式:僅接受現金取票方式:付款完畢直接於全家便利商店櫃臺現場取票,免手續費全家便利商店店鋪查詢請點我全家便利商店FamiPort購票流程圖示說明請點我於全家便利商店FamiPort列印繳費單後,需在10分鐘內在該店櫃檯完成結帳,若無法在時間內完成結帳取票,訂單將會被取消,原本購買的席次將釋回到系統中重新銷售。於全家便利商店之購票動作皆於結帳取票後方能保證席次,請注意單憑列印繳費單無法保證其席次。身心障礙票券說明:僅接受傳真訂購,9/30(三)下午2點起接受身心障礙席傳真訂票作業,張數有限,售完為止。每位身心障礙人士含陪同者僅限購2張票券,票價每席550元,敬請下載「KKTIX購票刷卡單」。填妥表格後,連同身心障礙證明影本,傳真至(02)2777-3086,KKTIX不保證傳真成功便絕對能購得票券,訂單成立的順序依照收件順序為主。表格資料錯誤、缺漏、無法辨識與未傳真身心障礙證明者,不予受理。進場時敬請攜帶有效證件,未帶證件、資格不符者、或非本人者需補票價差額始得入場。身心障礙者與陪同者須同時憑同一身心障礙證明驗證進場。 💀注意事項|Notice 根據文化部訂定『藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項』第六項「退、換票機制」之規定共有四種方案之退換票規定,本節目採用方案三:消費者請求退換票之時限為演出日前20日(不含演出日),但消費者於退換票時限屆至前購買,迄於時限屆至後始收受票券或於開演前仍未收受票券者,亦得退換票,全家取票因購買當日便可取票則不適用此規範;請求退換票日期以實體票券或電子票券EMAIL寄達日為準,退票需酌收票面金額10%手續費,限2020/10/8(含)前寄達至KKTIX郵政信箱或客服信箱,詳閱KKTIX退換票規定。(若購買四團人票 4-PACK,退換票亦需將四張票券辦理退票,恕不受理單張退票。)電子票券:請將「訂單已成立」 信件及「KKTIX退票申請書」以EMAIL方式"轉寄"至,「訂單已成立」 信件為系統自動傳送,請勿直接回覆,避免收不到您的退票申請。(提醒您!如您來信三個工作天後未收到KKTIX回覆,有可能是擋信或漏信了,請您於上班時間來電客服以保障您的退票申請。)實體票券:退票皆需以郵寄方式退回票券,請將「票券」 及「KKTIX退票申請書」以掛號方式郵寄至「KKTIX票務組收 / 10699 臺北敦南郵局第327號信箱」。 「KKTIX退票申請書(信用卡刷退)」 「KKTIX退票申請書(現金匯款)」 請勿於拍賣網站或是其他非KKTIX正式授權售票之通路、網站購票,除可能衍生詐騙案件或交易糾紛外,以免影響自身權益,若發生演出現場無法入場或是其他問題,主辦單位及KKTIX概不負責。若有任何形式非供自用而加價轉售(無論加價名目為代購費、交通費、補貼等均包含在內)之情事經查屬實者,將依社會秩序維護法第64條第2款逕向警方檢舉。一人一票、憑票入場,18歲以下孩童不得入場,票券視同有價證券,請妥善保存,如發生遺失、破損、燒毀或無法辨識等狀況,恕不補發。電子票券為無記名票券,請勿將票券QR Code任意公開或提供給第三人,以防遭人冒領入場。如遇票券毀損、滅失或遺失,主辦單位將依「藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項」第七項「票券毀損、滅失及遺失之入場機制:主辦單位應提供消費者票券毀損、滅失及遺失時之入場機制並詳加說明。」之規定辦理,詳情請洽KKTIX客服中心。請勿攜帶相機、攝影機、DV、錄音機入場,未經主辦單位同意,禁止拍照、錄影、錄音。本節目禁止攜帶外食、飲料、任何種類之金屬、玻璃、寶特瓶容器、雷射筆、煙火或任何危險物品。各表演場館各有其入場規定,請持票人遵守之,遲到觀眾需遵守館方管制。消費者必須以真實姓名購票及填寫有效個人資訊,一旦以虛假資料購買票券已經涉及「偽造私文書罪」,依照刑法第二百十條:「偽造、變造私文書,足以生損害於公眾或他人者,處五年以下有期徒刑。」 ,主辦單位及KKTIX皆有權利立即取消該消費者訂單,請勿以身試法!購票者視同意接受主辦單位會收集購票者的電子郵件地址。The event organizer will collect ticket buyer emails.購票者視同意接受本公司於其官方網站之隱私權保護政策,並同意本公司為辦理本活動處理、利用參加者所提供之資料。購票前請詳閱注意事項,一旦購票成功視為同意上述所有活動注意事項。





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    | 活動起始日期: 2020/10/30 | 活動結束日期: 2020/10/30 | 折扣資訊: *TCOVIP會員每筆訂單打7折。 *TCO樂友8折優惠。 *誠品會員9折優惠。 *刷中國信託卡8折優惠。 *刷玉山卡8折優惠。 *刷國泰世華銀行信用卡8折優惠。 *刷富邦信用卡8折優惠。 *刷新光銀行信用卡8折優惠。 *開演前2小時購票每筆訂單打7折。 *團體票(限全票)購滿30張(含)以上7折優惠。

  9. 力晶2020藝文饗宴-柏林愛樂八重奏

    | 活動起始日期: 2020/06/03 | 活動結束日期: 2020/06/03 | 折扣資訊: *鵬博尊爵卡會員每筆訂單打8折。 *廳院青每筆訂單打9折。 *兩廳院之友每筆訂單打9折。 *刷國泰世華銀行信用卡每筆訂單打9折。 *團體票10張(含)以上85折。

  10. 巴洛克歌劇選粹-福爾摩沙巴洛克古樂團─ 取消

    | 活動起始日期: 2020/06/24 | 活動結束日期: 2020/06/24 | 折扣資訊: 詳細折扣內容,請點選本節目各場次